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David Goldfarb , May 25, 2001; 11:47 p.m.

"Abstract" is generally in opposition to "representational" or "figurative" in art. You might say that an "abstract" image just presents its very own type, hence kind might one way or another "represent" some bigger concept (age.g., in how that Malevich's _Tumbling Cube_ might be thought to represent "instability"), but it does not represent an object (like, say, the Eiffel Tower).

Some works (Andy Warhol's Brillo boxes, as an example) enhance the question of understanding abstraction. Somehow that these types of works tend to be "figurative" on a literal degree, however they are not necessarily towards thing these are generally a figure of.

Miguel Azar , May 26, 2001; 12:25 a.m.

Dave, within the post overhead features defined it quite darn well. I suggest one modification or difference to greatly help more - the use of the term "form" might be altered to "idea" - though it is a casino game of symantics. The difficulty in abstract art is "form" or "idea" can be or perhaps is rather personalized. To essentially strike the "home-run" in this area you have to find the "form" or "idea" that your marjority of men and women can connect with or understand. easier in theory. The "clue" is the name associated with the picture, print or painting, usually, as Dave states the picture is "representational" or "figurative". It's like laughter. I don't think "props" will be able to work - the better approach should check life through a filter - decided what the filter is which is your photo. I can't do a lot better than that.

John Womack , might 26, 2001; 12:42 a.m.

Objective abstract art will present an identifiable topic in a silly means. Non-objective abstract art will present lines, kind and colors high in light and energy that movement from an non familiar subjec

Jeff Spirer , might 26, 2001; 01:23 a.m.

The reason why speak about it when you can do so?

The Wall, Copyright 2000 Jeff Spirer

Jeff Spirer , May 26, 2001; 01:25 a.m.

You can accomplish it with black and white also...

Pollock, Copyright 2001 Jeff Spirer

Aaron Hochman , May 26, 2001; 11:42 a.m.

jeff, the color shot is breathtaking, I am sure it might get rated about a 3 in the critique forum though... just what a place... sigh...

here's an abstract view and orientation of a nevertheless significantly recognizable topic

copyright aaron hochman 2000

here is one I do not believe folks like, they do not bother to rate it, or opinion anyway

here is the same subject once the one overhead, simply lit and framed differently less abstract I do believe, but nevertheless an abstract view and establishing for a standard topic

Source: photo.net
hdartphoto, Fine Art Abstract Photo Gallery of Hessam
hdartphoto, Fine Art Abstract Photo Gallery of Hessam
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Abstracts Art Exhibition - Part I - Overall & Photography ...
Kevin Coulton Pollution in Abstract photography gallery
Kevin Coulton Pollution in Abstract photography gallery ...
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