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Awe-inspiring or worth reverence. In viewpoint, literary works, and the arts, the sublime identifies a quality of success that's beyond all calculation.

The proper execution or symptom in which an item exists or appears.

A big painting placed on a wall or ceiling, especially in a public area.

Circumstances of brain or feeling, a pervading effect.

a group of imaginative practice having a particular form, content, or technique.

Representing a questionnaire or figure in art that keeps obvious connections towards the real world.

Associated with or characterized by a concern with beauty or great taste (adjective); a certain flavor or approach to the aesthetic characteristics of an item (noun).

The entire process of producing art that isn't representational or according to exterior reality or nature.

an imaginative motion contains American artists when you look at the 1940s and 1950s, also known as the newest York School, or even more narrowly, activity artwork. Abstract Expressionism is normally described as large abstract decorated canvases, even though activity also incorporates sculpture and other news.

Questions & tasks

  1. Mark Rothko produced murals for a chapel in Houston, Tx; he considered these murals becoming among their key works. Louise Nevelson produced a permanent set up when it comes to Erol Beker Chapel of the Good Shepherd at St. Peter’s Church in New York City.

    Study these projects. Start by visiting the Rothko Chapel internet site plus the St. Peter’s Church site.

    Compare. How are the two chapels similar? Exactly how will they be various? Summarize your findings in a one-page essay.

  2. Abstract Expressionist artists utilized gesture and color to stimulate specific emotions or emotions. How could you show emotion in an entirely abstract design?

    Think about the method that you might utilize shape, lines, and color to convey emotions including hope, concern, self-confidence, frustration, and exhilaration. What type of emotion might a curvy line express? What sensation does along with yellow evoke? Pick two emotions—a positive one and a poor one—and create abstract drawings to portray all of them. Be sure you stay away from attracting any figurative elements, particularly faces, minds, or rips.

    Compare the visual elements you utilized in these drawings. How will they be comparable? How are they various?

  3. Look at the works of Mark Rothko and Barnett Newman. Watch the video clips regarding painting methods of Rothko and Newman.

    Mirror. Can the process of making art be a spiritual work? Can viewing art be a spiritual work? Write your reaction in a one-page article. In crafting your response, think about your own experiences watching art.

Source: www.moma.org
Abstract Expressionists at MoMA
Abstract Expressionists at MoMA
1/4 Abstract Artists In Their Own Words
1/4 Abstract Artists In Their Own Words
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