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Examples of abstract thinking

It's an ill-defined term, but, in my opinion, it essentially indicates "a symbolic thinker, " an individual who is great at manipulating symbols in the head.

Really, every thing we think of is emblematic. The basketball you notice in your mind clearly isn't the basketball you are holding within fingers: it's a representation of it. It's a stand-in the physical ball (symbolic for it). But it is a really representational logo. It "looks" just like the basketball.

It IS an abstraction associated with ball (it really is simplified and significantly general, formed by balls you have seen in days gone by), but i mightn't phone an individual who just ponders actual objects an "abstract thinker, " as it's a relative terms. Whenever we call someone an "abstract thinker, " we suggest he's a lot more of an abstract thinker than people who only abstract physical items to mental people that are as near to becoming like actual people as you are able to.

To understand how you can find amounts of abstraction, consider a person. A genuine, actual individual isn't an abstraction. A photograph of an individual is, but it is an abstraction with quite high-fidelity towards initial. An authentic artwork, including the Mona Lisa, is a little a lot more of an abstraction, a Picasso is a little more of an abstraction ... and so on.

Whenever you think about art fans, might observe they occur on a spectrum. Some only like representational paintings, some like much more surreal ones but still other individuals like Jackson Pollacks.

You will find symbols that don't map onto anything inside real world, such as for instance Pollack's squiggles or equal indications. What does as equal sign map onto? Just what do numbers chart onto? Just what object features home of fourness? It is true, of course, that people can gather together four seashells or four pencils, but math reaches a point where it's essentially a game title with principles, plus the online game does not map directly onto anything within the actual world. Nor do the guidelines.

Discover a guideline:

Just take any positive quantity and maximize it by bad one, and you will get the negative type of the good number; simply take any negative quantity and grow it by bad one, and you will obtain the good form of that negative quantity. So the rule usually multiplying by negative one flips the amount's indication.

That's not a symbolic mention of anything on earth. You cannot grow a giraffe by negative one. It really is pure manipulation of signs: take this expression, use this guideline to it, and out pops this other expression?

"exactly what's that like in real world?"

"Nothing. Just adjust the expression!"

Some individuals have actually an easer timer with this than the others. Everyone can tackle some degree of abstract or symbolic reasoning, but, for many, there is a continuing have to root it, as much as possible, in concrete world. Other people tend to be totally very happy to simply drive signs around in their heads. These are typically abstract thinkers.

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