Abstract Flower Painting

Abstract Flower Paintings

Abstract mixed-media artworkSome musicians work from guide images, other individuals work from their imagination, numerous make use of a healthier mixture of both. Regardless your normal inclination, sometimes it is nice to paint without a reference image.

You'll need:

  • an empty fabric, or panel (use a level of gesso before painting), or like here paper mounted on board.
  • Liquid acrylics in selected colors and white
  • A pen (to use with ink or fluid acrylic)
  • White acrylic
  • Watercolors (optional)
  • An array of brushes
  • Varnish to finish
  • Rubbing liquor
  • Workable fixative in the event that you used watercolors


1. Start by adding a couple of falls of liquid acrylic on the fabric or board or paper. Use a couple of colors, we find I have best outcomes when I limit the colors to no more than 4 or 5. Here, we worked in a consistent color plan of yellow, blue and green.

adding falls of fluid acrylic

2. Distribute the paint on your support, attempting to mix colors as low as feasible, as you nevertheless wish variety within the colors.

3. You can add more surface by leaking a few drops of rubbing alcohol in the liquid acrylic whilst the wash remains wet. I usually just place my flash on the container starting to partly shut it and allow the liquor fall onto the clean. Let dried out for a few hours or instantaneously.

4. Then with a graphite pen or charcoal or pastel, go through the designs from the background and think about a specific motif, try to see shapes in the textures that would fit that theme.

Outline those shapes with a pencil (or pastel, or charcoal), which can make it more straightforward to color around all of them.

You can observe here how I outlined some shapes regarding abstract background.

5. Then using a small brush for smaller areas and a big brush for bigger areas, paint every thing all over forms you outlined with white acrylic or another color of your preference.

6. After this phase, your artwork will appear something like the picture overhead. Allow it dry.

Mixing paint colors7. If you'd like to, it is possible to color over some areas with acrylic or liquid acrylic. Here I decided to decorate within the vase with Payne’s gray acrylic.

8. At this time, i like to include a few styles in white ink. You should use a pen for the and white liquid acrylic or, like I did here, White Copic Ink.

Making use of your pen-and-ink, you can easily rework the shapes you painted around and add a bit more complexity to them. Preceding, I included detail towards add a center section of a flower…

and information on a leaf.

9. But don’t feel limited by “normal forms.” Styles can be created using stripes…

dots, or higher complex styles. You can test zentangle habits for determination.

10. Keep on incorporating details and artwork over areas of the artwork unless you are pleased with the effect.

I made a few flashcards full of zentangle styles that I use during my paintings whenever I’m in need of some design inspiration.

11. attempt combining up the colors! You can make use of different colors of ink: here, I made a decision to utilize Speedball Teal Green.

12. For many geometric styles, you might need to-draw a grid prior to. In the event that grid is part regarding the design, draw it with ink; if the grid must be removed following the design is drawn, make use of a removable method, like pastel.

If you want even more natural searching patterns, you are able to control draw the grid, or you fancy more accurate looking designs, use a ruler.

This is actually the design we picked the vase.

13. Keep on taking care of elements within artwork, either with pen and ink or by painting over styles once they had time to dry.

You can use substance acrylic or watercolor to color over designs. If making use of watercolor, you will have to use fixative or spray varnish.

Including texture with scrubbing alcohol Drawing details Outlined shapes on an abstract back ground painting the unfavorable area in white
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Abstract Flower Painting
Abstract Flower Painting
Pastel Painting Tips for Abstract Flowers with Debora Stewart
Pastel Painting Tips for Abstract Flowers with Debora Stewart
TIP: FLOWERS & PAINTINGS modern abstract floral paintings
TIP: FLOWERS & PAINTINGS modern abstract floral paintings ...
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