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Abstract Animal artists

This activity is a follow-up task to your Art going presentations, consequently we have only included core standard for 4th class.

Core guidelines for 4th level artistic arts covered in presentations and activity:

Standard 1, Objective 2.c. Neat and store art products and equipment in a secure and proper way.

Traditional 1, Unbiased 2.d. Neat and put back to order art making areas after task.

Standard 1, goal 2. E. Respect various other student’s artworks plus one’s own.

Traditional 3, Objective 2, a. produce a work of art using determination from hobbies or interests.

Standard 3, Objective 2, b. Interpret exactly how music artists use symbols to state emotions, feelings, and ideas in art.

Standard 3, Objective 2, c. Generate and invent signs expressing emotions, feelings, and idea’s in art.

Abstract Cursive Animals

Project Piece

1. Fold a sheet of report in half. On (the interior) of 1 side of the fold, write your name or initials in huge cursive letters in pencil.

2. Quickly paint over your handwriting.

3. Even though the paint continues to be damp, very carefully refold and push your paper to produce a mirror image,

4. Start your paper. Enable the paint to dried out.

5. Draw the top features of your pet in with marker or crayon. For a soft impact, such fur or feathers, use a damp paint brush (when working with markers) to mix and work the colors. Dry.

6. Offer your new abstract pet art piece a name!

(Example is shown below)

The following is a list of pets and whatever they represent.

Alligator – Aggression, success, adaptability, cunning, misleading

Ape/Monkey – Mischief, mimicry, cunning, nurture

Bat – Guardian regarding the night, messenger, joy, best of luck, longevity

Bee – Immortality, rebirth, industry, order, purity, messenger between globes, key wisdom, neighborhood

Birds – The soul, transcendence, spirits for the air, ascent, communication, freedom, picture

Bear – Primal power, mama, cunning, healer, mild energy, intuition and impulse, nurturing, safety

Beaver – Creator, gatherer

Buffalo – Sacredness, life builder. The buffalo provides all nutrients for residing, an bestows great healing capabilities

Bull – Wealth, kingship, destructive power

Butterfly – Metamorphosis, carefree, transformer, immortality, elegance, light, soul

Cat – Guardianship, detachment, stealth, liberty, miracle, pride, vanity

Cougar – Leadership, nerve, power, swiftness, stability

Cow – Nourishment, motherhood, power of world, gentleness, nurturing

Coyote – Prankster, insight, playful, laughter, sarcasm

Deer – adore, gentleness, kindness, gracefulness, sensitiveness, quick, nimble, meek

Dog – advice, protection, respect, faithfulness, watchfulness

Dolphin – Kindness, play, guide, swift, cleverness, interaction

Dove – Peace, purity

Dragon – Power of world, breath of life, supernatural power, secret, energy, knowledge, knowledge, guardian

Source: www.ogden4arts.org
How to Artist Demo Studio Abstract Painting Gloss / Resin
How to Artist Demo Studio Abstract Painting Gloss / Resin ...
Abstract Cat Art by Artist Heather Galler
Abstract Cat Art by Artist Heather Galler
Abstract Animal Art by Artist Heather Galler Fok Art
Abstract Animal Art by Artist Heather Galler Fok Art
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