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Ohio Wesleyan alumnus Thomas Saunders imaged wine crystals using a high-powered microscope generate ‘Riesling Wine.’ Their abstract artwork would be exhibited in Ohio Wesleyan’s Gallery 2001 and its Alumni Gallery from March 21 through Sept. 21. (Image due to Thomas Saunders)

Ohio Wesleyan Scholar Thomas Saunders to show ‘CRYSTAL SYNERGY’

DELAWARE, Ohio – If it is true that art is research, then your T.H. Saunders choices of imaginative and eye-catching artwork represent technology on steroids.

The 1966 Ohio Wesleyan University graduate produces unique art by growing and photographing minute crystal structures made of wine, coffee, and aspirin – and a limitless assortment of materials whose fundamental chemical elements is extracted and isolated.

Saunders’ special projects will likely be on display in 2 college galleries from March 21 through Sept. 21, with an illustrated singer talk planned for April 7. All activities are no-cost and available to people.

Entitled “Crystal Synergy: The Confluence of Science and Human Imagination, ” Saunders’ one-man display may be showcased in OWU’s Alumni Gallery, situated inside Mowry Alumni Center, 16 Rowland Ave., Delaware, as well as in the nearby Gallery 2001, located within the university’s Beeghly Library, 43 Rowland Ave., Delaware. Both venues are satellite galleries associated with Richard M. Ross Art Museum.

Saunders’ April 7 artist talk will start at 4:10 p.m. in the library’s second-floor Bayley place, with a community reception immediately following in Gallery 2001. Gallery 2001 hours differ day-to-day as they are available on the internet at . Alumni Gallery hours are 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. weekdays.

Saunders started working together with crystal imaging as an experiment in 2001, utilizing medical and medical study Zeiss microscopes.

Their work has-been referred to as “an higher level way of generating 21st century contemporary and abstract art” permitted by “blending the confluence of biochemistry, the physics of light, sine-wave manipulation, higher level technologies in publishing, archival inks, sublimation procedures, last but not least, most importantly, the effective use of man imagination.”

Once he creates the crystals, Saunders places all of them on a microscope glass slide to very carefully analyze their complex structures. He adjusts the light moving through all of them to generate visually attractive art utilizing a number of proprietary strategies he created. His strategies, he describes, “extend beyond standard mix polarization or differential interference comparison practices.”

The crystals accustomed produce this attractive art frequently are no larger than the head of a pin. After finalizing each image, Saunders catches it on high-resolution shade movie utilizing either specific cassettes included in his microscopes or utilizing a complicated digicam created exclusively for high-resolution, color-true microscopy imaging.

His final pictures tend to be after that sized and ready for publishing, usually on acid-free, archival cotton dietary fiber paper, although his projects also have already been created on aluminum substrates, ceramic products, and even clothes.

At Ohio Wesleyan, Saunders studied German and politics and government. Just before going to Florida and immersing himself in the art, he lived-in the Washington, D.C., area for 35 years, developing their own company to advise in worldwide business development. During his job, Saunders also offers held exec and board jobs with significant corporations and company start-ups including serving in domestic and international U.S Congressional, Executive Branch, and White home appointments.

Justin Kronewetter, manager of OWU’s Ross Art Museum, stated Saunders’ two-gallery display should include 40 of their artworks – all created as part of a restricted edition Ohio Wesleyan series in recognition of their 50-year class reunion.

Source: www.owu.edu
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